Monday, January 14, 2013

Not So Lost or Found

I was contemplating on not writing today, but decided to be productive, so here I am, writing about being sick in Italy.  I guess I was banking on not getting sick, I pride myself on having a strong immune system and a healthy lifestyle (cough, cough literally)  I was pretty sure I was not going to get sick. BUT, I was wrong.  Whether it be from my lack of sleep or my increase in alcohol consumption (it's part of the culture, mom and dad!)  I definitely felt it.  As I groaned in my bed, I realized I should just stop complaining and venture out to find this so called american doctor.

Our program gave us the number for an English speaking doctor, and I was skeptical.  I called cautiously an a beautiful English voice was heard over the line, I sighed with relief.  Not only was he able to understand me, he texted the directions just in case, "across from the H&M."  That obviously wouldn't be a problem finding for this girl.  As I zipped up my puffer jacket, I contemplated on putting on my vans, but decided to still make a vain attempt on looking italian, a sick coughing italian.  So I put on my leather boots and was on my way.

The doctor was easy enough to find (1 point for Corinne for not getting lost!), and I stood outside the large building and rang the bell.  I was buzzed in, looking like an idiot pulling the door with my whole body weight (1 point for Italy). PULL TO GET OUT PUSH TO GET IN, heads up for anyone going to Europe.  I looked to my left and saw the scariest elevator ever and decided to take the stairs, as I wheezed to the top I decided not to judge elevators again. The doctor was a very helpful english man with a beautiful accent.  Leaving, I preceeded to ask him where I could find the pharmacy and orange juice.  Very helpful. Assuming his secretary was of the same nature,  I asked her if she thought I should take the elevator down, she just stared, I said "lift?" Long stare. Okay "Buongiorno"* I said PULLING the door and taking the stairs once again.  

*Side note, apparently it is rude to say ciao to someone you have never met, I just learned this.  Now I understand the looks of confusion from my loud CIAO.

Another thing I have learned from being here for a few days, don't expect to find anything you need ever.  It is very difficult to find shampoo and conditioner where I live.  It also took me the whole week to find orange juice (nature's cure for anything) and water bottles.  ALSO, wine is cheaper than water, which normally would make me a very happy girl, except when you're sick. Last thing, Italians barely eat breakfast, eat lunch around 2, and eat la cena at 8 or 9 (stomach currently grumbling).

 Here is a picture of me and a ginormous water bottle which was only .8 euro (!). Come to Italy and we can learn together (and bring me some dayquil).


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