Sunday, April 14, 2013

List and More Lists, The Final Goodbye.

So I‘m sitting here, my last night in Florence wondering where has time gone?  This departure from my Florentine home has really caught me off guard. Yes, for the past 3 months I was well aware I would be leaving early April, but now that I leave tomorrow, it doesn’t feel quite real.

Over the past few days, I’ve luckily got to see some of the most perfect views of Florence. I wanted to show the best of Florence to my parents, and honestly, it’s painful to leave this city.  I love Florence.  It’s the perfect mix of old and new, tradition and innovation.  I wish I could pick Florence up and bring it to the United States.  So here is a short list of what I truly will miss about my favorite European city:

-the view from Piazza Michelangelo, the Duomo, and Frisole
-the margherita pizza from Gusta Pizza
-how close Zara was to my house
-actually how close my house was to EVERYTHING
-my favorite American bar: Uncle Jimmy’s
-the fact that I could get coconut and strawberry gelato
-the Italian language
-AND the fact that I can legally drink

Just reading through this list makes me sad.  But would I stay any longer if I had the chance? Honestly, probably not.  I am so excited to go home, for so many reasons:

-the fact I get to see Erika and Marissa in a week (!), Rach and Allie a week later
-my mom’s cooking
-the steak burrito at Chipotle
-chick-fil-a in general
-sport and health and UREC
-all of my lovely friends at JMU
-my bed. my room. my car. Copper Beech.
-the fact that everyone will speak English
-my routine; including the building Zane Showker
-the fact that I can cook when I choose
-AND the food network

This experience has been life changing, and I truly wouldn’t change a thing.  Sure, I have definitely had my ups and downs but overall I really did enjoy living abroad.  Now it’s time to live it up back home.  After traveling so much in Europe, I really am inspired to travel in the United States. The cities I would love to visit include:

-Nashville, Tennessee for my 21st birthday
-Boston, Massachusetts
-Miami, Florida

Of course, this all depending on if I get a decent job this summer, fingers crossed.  I still haven’t decided on if I am going to continue writing in this blog after this post (originally it was for just for my Florentine adventure), but honestly, writing is such a stress reliever for me.  So let’s hope I make the time for this baby.  Because I am pretty proud of it.

Thank you for reading.  Even if this is your first time reading.  I really appreciate it. 

Hopefully you’ll hear from me soon.  


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