Friday, April 5, 2013

One last look- Italian style...Corinne's style.

I can't believe it.  One week and I am finito.  DONE.  There's such a sense of accomplishment for me, honestly.  I was so anxious to come here and now I know it's truly made me a different, and hopefully a better person.  But also very honestly, I can not wait to go home.  I miss the familiarity of Stafford (and of course JMU), my routine, and the love of my friends and family.  That and Chipotle.

This week flew by.  The highlight was obviously my parents arriving in Italy on Monday.  I was so happy to see my mother, I cried.  It was strange to see my parents in the city I have called home for three months.  They definitely enjoyed their iPhone camera capabilities (dad just got the 5, CRAY), but I wasn't embarrassed.  Not only do my parents stand out as tourists anyways (especially my dad with the Virginia Tech gear), it's my momma's first time in Europe.  So yes, I would be taking pictures 24/7 too.  My mother kept telling me, NO ONE WEARS COLOR HERE. Yes, apparently she didn't believe me when I said this multiple times to her.  So she definitely stood out in her pink Lilly Pulitzer dress, to me in a good way. Which is a good leeway to my next topic, my style evolution.

Italian fashion is truly beautiful.  So well put together.  But I quickly learned, it lacks personality, not only that; it screams pretentiousness (to me, no offense to anyone who adores italian style, which is ages different than actual italian street style).  So after a few weeks of being here, wearing only black, I felt not only like a poser but boring.  To me style is more than a color. Ironically, my style has definitely simplified.  I'm trying to slowly but surely cut down on my current wardrobe to more necessary pieces that I truly enjoy wearing and fit well.  When I went over what I bought, I was surprised with how little I bought.  Sure, I didn't come here with a lot of money, but I like to shop.  I think my mindset has been switched from buying a lot for cheap to buying a little with quality.  Or at least that's what I'm hoping my style is evolving into, and I'm ecstatic to continue my wardrobe makeover returning to the states.

The main differences style-wise for me include:
-I'm wearing more casual heels, and surprisingly, they are comfortable for me.
-I'm wearing more black (HA!).  But more white as well.
-I'm focusing on simplicity with pops of interest, not necessarily color but pattern or detail.
-I'm trying to wear more figure flattering items, more dresses.

Here is a little preview of the items I have purchased:

(Black Leather Backpack, Prinmark, London)

(White Tunic, Zara, Florence)

(Grey Suede Boots, Random Shoe Store, Siena)

(Black Leather Booties, H&M, Florence)

(Floral Dress, H&M, Barcelona)

(Black Leather and Khaki Jacket, H&M, Florence)

(White Dress, Zara, Florence)

(White Crop Sweater, Random Store, Amsterdam)

As you can see, most of my clothing purchased probably can be purchased in the United States.  And that makes me happy, because Zara has become my latest obsession.  Some of my other purchases include: Red lipstick, a sweet, feminine perfume, a floral umbrella, leather shorts and light wash jeans; both from Zara (the jeans aren't shown because they have gum all over them currently aka I shouldn't have worn those babies out, praying it'll come out).  

So. I have decided that once again: more expensive will never mean more stylish.  However, better  quality items means more classic style.  Style that'll last.  My next few purchases that I am saving up for, aka I am flat broke, include a hot pink skirt, a silver necklace that I can layer, spring heels and some black wayfarer Ray Bans.

Happy to be here, happy to see my parents again next Thursday. Miss you all.  See you SO SO SOON.


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